Advanced Quality Planning at Hedwin Corporation Expert plastic container manufacturer capabilities Hedwin's legacy of expertise in plastics manufacturing Who and how are businesses using Hedwin custom solutions Hedwin is a trusted supplier to leaders in the business of making and shipping regulated chemical products. Each and every Hedwin product is backed by our regulatory expertise in the safe transport and use of your product. Your safety and the safety of all who come into contact with your product’s package are paramount to Hedwin.

Unique applications for your product call for a strategic packaging partner that can share your vision while respecting your budget. Hedwin has long specialized in the delivery of packaging concepts that meet distinctive client needs without the budget-busting prices.

Hedwin provides you with beginning to end solutions for all your packaging needs. Rely on us as your strategic packaging partner and see your next packaging challenge leap from the conceptual stage to successful completion.

In an era of increased demand for profitability and productivity – coupled with shrinking budgets and staff – there are many issues to consider when outsourcing. Hedwin understands those challenges and our proactive approach proves it! Here’s why…

  • We mitigate your risk – Outsourcing to Hedwin mitigates the risk of technological obsolescence in a newly developed product package concept. Also, our R&D eases risk associated with reaching beyond core competencies.
  • Reduce fixed cost allocation – Internal package development demands the allotment of fixed costs to your project and you pay for that cost regardless of usage or your project’s success or failure.
  • We serve a broad base of clients – Our fixed costs are spread out amongst many projects and reduce the risk inherent in a single internal project.
  • Package R&D is ongoing and constant at Hedwin – The economies of scale put us in the position to provide you with a lower total cost solution.

Hedwin plastics manufacturer is ISO 9001 certified and member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, SFI, Institute of Packaging Professionals, MWCC, Underwriters Laboratories, and NCEO

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